MyopiaIn myopia, distance light focuses in front of the retina. Myopia is the medical term for what most people call nearsightedness. It is a condition in which a person can see objects clearly only when they are close;and distance sight is blurry. Myopia usually develops in early childhood, although it sometimes develops in early adulthood. In rare cases, myopia can lead to more serious conditions such as retinal detachment and glaucoma.

The etiology of myopia is complex. A high degree of myopia is considered a genetic disorder. If your parents are nearsighted, you are at greater risk of also being nearsighted. Another risk factor is environmental in nature. If you do extensive periods of “near work” – work involving fine detail or focusing on close objects, the eyes will adapt, and become nearsighted. Unfortunately, the distance vision will suffer.

Myopia is is corrected with eyeglasses or contact lensesMyopia continues to gradually worsen throughout the teenage years and stabilizes in the mid twenties. Myopia can also be corrected by refractive surgery once the eye has stabilized.